I did my first wedding of the season in Dexter, Maine and I think it’s going to go down as one of my favorites.  Dorie and Devin were married in early May,  surrounded by their parents, one bridesmaid, a photographer and a bagpiper.  And that was it.  While the guest list was originally much larger, COVID-19 had left them with a restriction of ten people allowed at their ceremony.  No one complained.  The couple were laid back and enjoyed the intimate ceremony.  The bride and groom had no idea that friends and family had gathered in the parking lot (family units all 6 feet apart) and were waiting for them after the ceremony. Congratulations Dorie & Devin!


And the celebration continued with a social distancing parking lot reception and a family gathering back at the brides parents home. The pandemic made this special, and it’s a wedding the bride and groom will be talking about for years.  Take that, coronavirus!

Congratulations Dorie & Devin!

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